Let's Vote Association

This organizaiton is set up to promote the awareness of public participation in all levels of government, to help citizens and permanent residents to understand the current policies and laws that affect their everyday lives and guide them in the democratic process.



o The name of the society is “Let’s Vote Association” (the “Society”).

o The purposes of the Society are:

  • to promote Canadian citizens and permanent residents’ political participation and discussion in communities, schools, and three levels of government affairs etc;
  • to promote election knowledge about three levels of government;
  • to help Canadian citizens and permanent residents, esp. new immigrants, to participate in political parties and help to shape the parties with conservative values;
  • to discover and help Canadians with conservative values to run in all levels of government;
  • to promote and support younger generations' interest and engagement in social causes and political activities that contribute positively to social justice and public welfare
  • to voice Canadians concerns about national security, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, traditional family values, children’s interests, pro-life issues;
  • to liaise with other organizations and elected and past government officials on issues that affect Canadians;
  • to promote and support the public’s awareness of the importance of government accountability, transparency and fairness;
  • to establish and operate educational, social, vocational, and recreational services and facilities for the above purposes;
  • to research, publish, and distribute information for the above purposes; and
  • to acquire funds and other assistance for the above purposes.


  1. 促进加拿大公民和永久居民参与社区、学校和三级政府中参政议政;
  2. 宣传三级政府的选举知识;
  3. 帮助加拿大公民和永久居民,特别是新移民,参与到各政党中去,并用保守派价值观影响这些党派;
  4. 挖掘和帮助秉持保守理念的加拿大人参选三级政府议员;
  5. 帮助和支持年轻人参与社会活动和政治活动,让他们积极影响社会公义和大众公益事业;
  6. 在国家安全、言论自由、宗教自由、传统家庭价值观、儿童权益和生命权益等方面,为加拿大人发声;
  7. 在影响加拿大人的问题方面,与各组织机构、现任议员及往届议员保持联系;
  8. 提高公众对于政府责任、透明度和公平性的意识;
  9. 基于以上的目的,建立和运营教育、社会、职业培训和娱乐服务;
  10. 研究、出版和发行与以上目的相关的信息;
  11. 基于以上目的,募集资金和寻求支持。